LCF (London College of Fashion)を卒業したデザイナーであるチョン・テウ氏による、自身の名前が由来となっているブランド。

Designer Taewoo Jung, a graduate of LCF (London College of Fashion) Men's Wear, founded the brand "TAEWOO," which developed his collection into a brand in London in 2018, after working as internship from Martine Rose and Wales Bonner. TAEWOO is a unisex brand that expresses young and free emotions with unconventional designs. TAEWOO has tried to express something new against the formalities, carrying a feeling of youth and nostalgia at the same time. In addition to the design style, he tries to capture his style rather than the trend everywhere in the brand, including fashion items, brand lookbooks, and the way he communicates with customers. Moreover, TAEWOO tries to design all pieces, such as T-shirts, jeans, and jackets, through its process, the three design elements that TAEWOO is aiming for are asymmetric proportions, out of position, and new functions.